I am happy to take requests for commissions if you have a specific piece in mind. Following initial discussions with you to understand the piece you are looking for, e.g the purpose, the size, where it will be displayed etc, I will put together a proposed design and cost for you. I do not charge for this stage. You will be under no commitment until we have agreed the design, the cost and the timescale.  

Below are some examples of commissions that I have delivered in the past.

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Colourful abstract designed to sit in an inaccessible high level window

Sydney Opera House wall piece

This triptych was commissioned to go on a wall above a fireplace. It measures approximately 1m wide by just under 0.5m high. The image was designed to remind the clients of their holiday in Australia and their favourite building in the world......


........ in situ

Sea creatures - wall pieces

I was commissioned to make a lobster and a seahorse to become wall-art...... 


...... they are now proudly displayed in the hallway of my client's home.


Danger at sea - surfing shark

A present for a young boy obsessed with sharks and surfing - so what else but a surfing shark on a wave !


80th birthday for a lovely welsh lady

A commission celebrating an 80th birthday for a lady from Wales including the classic welsh motifs of dragons and the colours of the welsh flag


Table display - autumnal leaf

A large leaf to be used as a table centre piece celebrating a move into a new home. It is designed to incorporate the colour scheme in the room. Approximately 55cm x 35cm


Ikebana dish for floral displays

An Ikebana dish commissioned as a present for a loved one. The piece incorporates the typical features of the traditional Ikebana style - simplicity and grace.

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